40 Watt Solar Powered Gable Fan--Hybrid

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Solar Attic Fans work by using sunlight to power a fan that pulls heat & moisture directly out of the attic. Since attic temperatures can reach over 130 degrees, a cooler attic prolongs the life of your roof structure, increases comfort in the home, and can help to save up to 30% on A/C costs.

The QuietCool Solar Gable Attic Fan includes the benefit of a AC/DC inverter. This allows the fan to remove heat even when the sun is no longer powering it. --Free energy during the day and efficient attic cooling at night for as long as needed.  --It's so efficient that Popular Mechanics Magazine named it "Best Gable Fan".

QuietCool Solar Attic Gable Fans use an easy-to-install adjustable mounting bracket system to ensure your fan works with almost any gable vent.

May be eligible for $50 Hawaii Energy Rebate, 26% Federal Tax Credit, 26% State Tax Credit.

15 year warranty

40 Watt Adjustable solar panel

Variable up to 1218 CFM

Plug and play (10 foot inverter cord)