How It Works

A whole house fan provides excellent ventilation to achieve lower indoor temperatures. --Energy Savers.Gov

A whole house fan draws cooler, outside air through your living space by pushing the hot air out of the home and out of the attic vents, creating a cooling breeze. --Hawaii Energy

How Does A Whole House Fan Work?

During the day the sun warms and traps heat inside the home. 
Turning the system on starts the process of exhausting heat out of the living area and blowing trapped hot air out of the attic space.  This in turn draws fresh air into the home through windows and open doors.
Drawing heat up and out (where it wants to go naturally) means that as it draws in fresh air, this very efficient system cools both living space and attic.
–That’s why it’s called a Whole House Fan.

Advantages of a Whole House Fan in Hawaii:

  • Energy Efficient. Bedroom sized units use as little as 69 watts per hour ($0.04 per hour) to ventilate and cool. Homeowners save money on their energy bill.
  • Compatible with open windows. Unlike A/C in which windows are closed, a whole house fan allows you to keep windows open.
  • Improves indoor air quality. Bring fresh air into a home and remove stuffy trapped air, pet dander, cooking smells, indoor air pollutants while lowering chances of mold. 
  • Use it year round.  In Hawaii whole house fan owners use their fans year round. --Not just in the summer.  Homeowners often find themselves using their AC less, or not at all.