About Us & Warranty


Welcome to Whole House Fans Hawaii.  Your Hawaii based on-island provider of whole house fans for the do-it-yourself customer at an affordable price. If you’re the kind of person who knows exactly what they are looking for and are comfortable working in an attic, this is the place for you.

 Don’t like the idea of climbing into an attic?  Not sure if you have enough ventilation?  Want to know the difference between how a system works in Kahaluu or Kapolei?  Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s expert resource for whole house fans.  Brothers Ivan and Al Whitworth have experience with local Hawaii homes and have distributed more than 7000 fans over 15 years. We also have a network of experienced & licensed installers who can install for you. For that expert touch, contact Island Cooling at 808-672-2300 or www.islandcooling.com.



Whole House Fans Hawaii is dedicated to selling products of the highest quality. 

All fan products are also covered by a limited manufacturer’s guarantee for whole house fans (3-15 years, depending on model) and 1 year on all other parts.

 Everything we sell is guaranteed against material and workmanship defects for at least one year. In addition, Whole House Fans Hawaii will refund the purchase price on all unused fan products in original packaging returned within 30 days of purchase. We do not refund shipping, installation or removal fees.


To return a product email info@islandcooling.com or call us at (808)672-2300.



The following FAQ are provided for informational purpose only.  If you have any questions about whether something is safe, please contact a professional.


Q. How small of an attic can a fan be installed in?

A. 32 inches in height is the recommended minimum height for a small standard QuietCool fan.  The QC15 size ceiling box extends up 12 inches from the ceiling and then the duct to about 32 inches. An attic smaller that that leads to a compressed duct and reduced effectiveness. IslandCooling has developed some adapters and housing for smaller attics (24 inches high+). Contact them directly at 808-672-2300.


Q. What if my attic is less than 24 inches, or an open beam ceiling?

A. Quiet Cool manufactures a roof mounted fan that can be mounted on an open beam or vaulted ceiling.  Wiring is usually done at a time of remodel. Because of the options available, this is a special order handled by Island Cooling.  Contact them directly at 808-672-2300.


Q. Will the ITW timer fit inside a single wall surface mounted gang box?

A. Fitting a digital timer in the shallow surface mounted box is a very tight squeeze. A double sized surface mounted box gives you more space but even then it’s a tight squeeze.  We recommend using QuietCool's RF remote control for single wall homes. 



Q. What if I have older wiring?

A. If you have any questions about the age of your wiring, it’s recommended that you use a licensed electrician. Island Cooling has a network of licensed installers with experience in installing QuietCool fans. Contact them directly at 808-672-2300.


Q. Will Whole House Fans Hawaii come out to my house to check out my home? 

A. Whole House Fans Hawaii is an online retailer and doesn’t perform house calls or inspections. 

We recommend you contact Island Cooling.


Q. How soon are fans available?

A. Most Fans are shipped or are available for pick up within 2 business days. 

During the summer busy season, fans may occasionally sell out.  Not to worry, we have up to two shipments a week with new inventory arriving on Tuesday and Friday.  During this time fans are made  available by date and time of order.