Smart Gable Fan 3.0

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The Smart Attic Fan produces powerful results in an efficient package. Designed to cool an attic space, this unit moves a lot of air on a fraction of the energy of other attic fans.

The QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 smart attic fan has a built-in thermostat/humidistat and a three speed motor. On Automatic mode, when the attic is at its hottest point, the fan will run at the 2,801 CFM setting, while only using 148 watts! As the attic begins to cool down, the smart attic fan will automatically cycle itself down to the lower speeds. At the lowest speed, the fan will blow 1337 CFM and run at only 22 watts!

Utilizing Smart Technology, these fans can also be operated using the QuietCool Smart Control App. Use this app to turn the fan on and off, set preset times, temperatures, and season when you want your fan to run, and see exactly what your attic temperature and humidity is at any time!

When the fan detects temperature over 80 degrees or humidity over 60%, the Smart Attic Fan comes on at the lowest speed. As the attic starts to heat up, the Smart Attic Fan adjusts its speed automatically to increase ventilation and keep your attic cooler.

  • Recommended for Hawaii: Large volume attics with a 16" wide gable vent and cross ventilation of equal area.
  • Airflow: 2801 CFM on high / 1337 CFM on low
  • Energy Efficiency: 148 Watts on high / 22 watts on low
  • Specs: Download PDF
  • 16" Fan cylinder
  • NOTE: Not compatible with controls
  • Note: This fan can NOT be connected to a duct
  • Installation manual: Download PDF
  • Installation video:  Installation Videos