Smart Gable Fan 3.0

Regular price $299.00

The first attic fan with built-in thermostat and humidistat, this plug and play fan reads the attic temperature and humidity  and responds with a self adjusting 10-speed ECM motor.

When the fan detects temperature over 80 degrees or humidity over 60%, the Smart Attic Fan comes on at the lowest speed. As the attic starts to heat up, the Smart Attic Fan adjusts its speed automatically to increase ventilation and keep your attic cooler.

  • Recommended for Hawaii: Large volume attics with a 16" wide gable vent and cross ventilation of equal area.
  • Airflow: 2830 CFM on high / 963 CFM on low
  • Energy Efficiency: 145 Watts on high / 15 watts on low
  • Specs: Download PDF
  • 16" Fan cylinder
  • NOTE: Not compatible with controls
  • Installation manual: Download PDF