40W Solar Attic Roof Mount Fan--Hybrid

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Solar Attic Fans work by using sunlight to power a fan that pulls heat & moisture directly out of the attic. Since attic temperatures can reach over 130 degrees, a cooler attic prolongs the life of your roof structure, increases comfort in the home, and can help save up to 30% on A/C costs.

The QuietCool Solar Roof Mount Fan includes the benefit of a AC/DC inverter. This allows the fan to remove heat even when the sun is no longer powering it. Free energy during the day and efficient attic cooling at night for as long as needed. --It's so efficient that Popular Mechanics Magazine named it "Best Attic Fan".


May be eligible for $75 Hawaii Energy Rebate, 30% Federal Tax Credit, 22% State Tax Credit.

Solar Roof Mount Attic Fans use a roof mount housing to protect the fan and ensure attic safety

15 year warranty

Adjustable solar panel

Variable, up to 1104 CFM

Built-in Preset Thermostat (77 F off /88 F on)

Plug and play (20 foot inverter cord)